One simple fee.
More than one benefit

Own a fully managed portfolio that delivers, keeps you diversified and comes with a dedicated consultant for when you want to talk

From as low as 0.35%

Be confident – without commitment

Set up your portfolio for free

Open an account in minutes, talk to us anytime and invest when you’re ready.

Know you’re free to go

Withdraw your money or move elsewhere for free, anytime.

Forget about the rest

No subscription or trading fees. No commission. No custodian charges.

What you’ll pay

If you invest

Annual % fee
Monthly cost
Costs and charges associated with the provision of investment services
Moneyfarm Management fee:
Costs and charges related to financial instruments
Underlying fund fee:
Market spread:
up to 0.09%

Invest more. Save more.

Enjoy lower fees when you reach your investment milestones.

On the first
On the next
£10,000 – £50,000
On the next
£50,000 – £100,000
On anything
over £100,000

Annual average investment fund fee: 0.2%

Annual average effect of market spread : 0.10%

Annual average investment fund fee : 0.2%

Annual average effect of market spread : 0.10%

Invest from £500.

What’s included

Portfolio management

Constant market analysis and strategic adjustments – directed by Chief Investment Officer, Richard Flax.

Investment consultant

Anytime discussions covering everything from market events to building out your financial plan.

All your running costs

The individual costs of the different funds that make up your portfolio, your annual trading costs – everything is covered.

Choose the right product for you

Stocks and Shares ISA

The tax-efficient way to invest up to £20,000 each year. Access your money if you need to or withdraw and reinvest in the same year without affecting your annual ISA allowance.

Learn about ISAs

Private Pension

A smart plan for your retirement. Pay less tax, get a 25% boost* to your savings and receive your employer’s contributions. And you’re in control – access your cash if you need to.

Learn about pensions

General Investment Account

Perfect for when you’ve filled up your ISA. Make unlimited contributions, get quick access to your money and even create a separate account for each goal.

Learn about GIAs

* You may be entitled to more or less than this amount, subject to your tax status.

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