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Looking for expert portfolio management without the high costs normally associated with investing? You are in the right place.

Competitive costs, so you can focus on returns

Use the slider to see how our fees compare to other wealth managers. We keep costs low, so you keep more of your returns.

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Whether you wish to invest a thousand pounds with us or hundreds of thousands, our investor-friendly fee structure will suit your needs. Fees are charged monthly and we calculate them daily based on your portfolio value that day.

On the first

per year

On anything between
£20,000 – £100,000

per year

On anything between
£100,000 – £500,000

per year

On anything over

per year

+ average investment fund fees per year 0.30%
+ effect of market spread per year up to 0.09%

No set up or subscription fees

We never charge you for opening an account.

No trading fees

We never charge an additional commission or fee for making transactions.

No obligations

We allow you to withdraw or unsubscribe from our service whenever you want, with no penalty and at no extra cost.

What our management fee covers

Investment advice based on your profile and horizon
Investment management
Account management
Custodial charges
All trading costs

Your investment will also be subject to the ETF fund fee (an average of 0.3%). The market spread will also impact the cost of investing, but you’ll always see the real price you buy and sell at.

How trading impacts costs

We always seek to give you access to the best investments to help you reach your goals. Whilst we focus on cost, cheap is not always best, we look at a range of measures within our investment strategy to give you the best chance of returns.

Trading is one of the elements that can impact the cost of investing. Costs can vary depending on the day of the week, time of day, and the difference between what somebody would like to sell an asset for and what somebody is prepared to pay for it (the market spread).

Market spread can act like a cost on your investment when you buy or sell an asset. This could be up to 0.09%* at Moneyfarm. We always trade daily so your money is invested quickly, and we work to ensure the ETFs you invest in have a tight bid/ask spread so that this cost is as small as possible.

*Taken directly from Moneyfarm’s historic transaction records

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