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Returns should stack up, not your costs. We keep our fees simple and low.

A simple, tiered approach so you can concentrate on what matters.

Our yearly account management fees (incl. VAT) are billed monthly and are calculated daily based on your portfolio value.

per year (incl. VAT)
£10,000 - £50,000
per year (incl. VAT)
£50,000 - £100,000
per year (incl. VAT)
per year (incl. VAT)

+ average investment fund fees per year 0.20%

+ effect of market spread? per year up to 0.09%

Minimum investment: £5,000 or £1,500 + regular direct debit

No set up or subscription fees

You can open an account for free in 10 minutes.

No trading fees

You won’t pay commission or transaction fees.

No obligations

You won’t be tied in and can leave with no penalties.

What our management fee covers


 Digital investment advice

An advice process that ensures you are always in a portfolio with the ideal mix of investments for you, even if your circumstances change.


 Portfolio management

A constant, expert eye on growing your money, using our extensive quantitative analysis and qualitative research. All trading fees covered.


 Investment adviser

Expert help and guidance on whatever you need, whenever you need it. Call, email, chat online or meet face to face, it’s up to you.


 Security for peace of mind

Segregated custodial account to keep your investments and money secure – it’ll never be mixed with our own. All custodial charges covered.

See how our fees compare

Investment costs have a reputation for being complicated, but they really don’t have to be.

We keep our fees straightforward and low – use Fee QuickCheck to compare them like for like with around 100 other discretionary investment managers drawing on over 200,000 portfolios across five major currencies.

This comparison is based on a portfolio of £250,000 – that’s the minimum size that Fee QuickCheck analyses.

Further information

Date source –

As the table shows, Moneyfarm’s costs are comfortably within the range that Fee QuickCheck and ARC consider good value for money among discretionary investment managers. Some provider’s service costs can be more than 1.5% and total ongoing costs can exceed 2.5%.

The fee table above is based on a portfolio size of GBP 250,000, which Fee QuickCheck estimates from the information that is shared with them

Data is collected from managers by ARC, which publishes its Private Client Indices – a leading set of industry benchmarks for investors drawing on over 200,000 portfolios across five major currencies.

Total On-going Costs per annum

Cost CompetitivenessMoneyfarmPeer group
Low cost0.73%less than 1.3%
Average cost1.3% – 1.8%
High costmore than 1.8%

Find out how much you’ll pay

Use the slider below – the only time your fees will be a drag. We help you keep more of your returns.

Annual % fee
Annual cost
Costs and charges associated with the provision of investment services
Moneyfarm Management fee:
Costs and charges related to financial instruments
Underlying fund fee:
Market spread:
up to 0.09%

Learn more about how we calculate our fees

Managing the cost of trading

We keep an eye on costs

Cheap isn’t always better, what matters is quality. We use high quality and broadly diversified ETFs to build our portfolios.

We manage the market spread

The difference between the buy and sell price of our investments – this acts as a cost. Our historical transactions show this can be up to 0.09% per annum.

We invest daily

No long waits, your contributions are invested quickly, and we make sure the ETFs you’re invested in have a “tight” market spread, so the cost is low.

We cover commissions

Moneyfarm pays the stockbroking fees of buying or selling an investment on your behalf. We pay directly out of our money for this service for you.

Choose the perfect product for your new portfolio

To get the most from your portfolios, we recommend investing a minimum of £5,000 or alternatively £1,500 plus a monthly Direct Debit of £100 or more.

Stocks and Shares ISA

The tax-efficient way to invest up to £20,000 each year. Access your money if you need to or withdraw and reinvest in the same year without affecting your annual ISA allowance.

Learn about ISAs

Private Pension

A smart plan for your retirement. Pay less tax, get a 25% boost* to your savings and receive your employer’s contributions. And you’re in control – access your cash if you need to.

Learn about pensions

General Investment Account

Perfect for when you’ve filled up your ISA. Make unlimited contributions, get quick access to your money and even create a separate account for each goal.

Learn about GIAs

* You may be entitled to more or less than this amount, subject to your tax status.

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