A pension that lets you focus on your retirement

We’re building a pension product that enables you to plan for the future. And with our focus on cost, it makes it easier for you to save more and worry less.

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Your capital is at risk. Investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested. Read more on understanding the risks

The Moneyfarm pension

The UK’s pension gap currently stands at a whopping £306 billion, meaning that the working population needs to save between £1,200 and £7,300 extra a year.1 Unfortunately that means the older you are, the more you need to save. That’s why we’re working with Embark, who help over 70,000 people save for retirement.

We’re building flexibility into the core of our pension product. Based on your investor profile we’ll decide which investments are best for you, and we can look across the investment universe. Working with Embark we’ll look to build pension products that works well for modern working lives, ensuring you can have a better retirement.

1 Mind the Gap, Aviva

The pension perspective

Pensions can often seem like a bit of a black hole. A proportion of your income goes into the account, the government adds a little extra, but you don’t really know what’s happening with that money until you hit retirement.

At Moneyfarm we think this should be a little different. That’s why when you sign up with us your pension will be invested into one of our tailor-made portfolios, and you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re invested and how its performing all at the touch of a button.

The three-step pension

1. Tell us about you

Your financial understanding, when you want to retire, and how much you’d like to save.

2. Transfer in existing pensions or start a new one

Everyone is changing companies more than ever before, which means its highly likely you’ll have more than one pension which can make it tricky to keep a track of your wealth.

3. Complete transparency

Once you’ve invested you can see exactly where you’re invested and how you’re performing against your goals.

Advice built in

With a self invested personal pension (SIPP) you’re often left to do it yourself. But at Moneyfarm, we realise that just because you want to save more for retirement, doesn’t mean you want to run an investment strategy.

Our experts manage your portfolio for you. Our investment consultants are on hand if you have any questions.

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