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We’ve combined innovative technology with years of investment wisdom to create portfolios that can help your money grow.

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Your capital is at risk. Investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested. Read more on understanding the risks

3 simple steps to investing with us

1. Sign up

You’ll love how quick it is to open an account. Sign-up to Moneyfarm in under 10 minutes, and let us focus on your financial investments

2. Match with your investor profile

We combine regulated investment advice with discretionary management to help your money grow. After completing a simple questionnaire, we match you to a portfolio that’s specifically built and managed by our team of experts to reflect you and your financial goals.

3. Add funds

Give yourself the chance of having more money to play with in the future. Fund your account online or through your bank and set up a direct-debit. We’ll even help you transfer an ISA.

Our wealth management products

General Investment

The Moneyfarm General Investment Account takes you closer to your goals. We’ll match you with a portfolio that can help your money grow. You’ll love our low fees and customer service.

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Stocks & Shares ISA

A tax-efficient way to invest, so you keep more of your money and get one step closer to your goals. The Moneyfarm ISA is flexible, transparent and low-cost. You’ll love how easy it is to transfer your ISA.

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Managed transfers, automatic de-risking, and more. Whether you want to supplement a workplace pension, or have multiple pensions in one place. You’ll love how simple it is to plan for your future.

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How your investments work

When it comes to managing your family’s money, the financial markets can be a daunting place. At Moneyfarm, we do the hard work for you.


A simple questionnaire

We use innovative technology and irreplaceable experience to match you to a portfolio that reflects your investor profile. We run ongoing suitability tests for as long as you invest with us to ensure you're in the best position to reach your goals.


Expert guidance

Our Asset Allocation Team are responsible for building and managing your portfolios, supported by powerful technology to make the process more efficient. The people managing your money have your best interests at heart.


Clear strategy

Your investments need to take you closer to your goals, so we strip out the complexity. We blend the perfect mix of tech and investment wisdom to help your money grow. We believe diversification is the best way to protect and grow your wealth by managing the risk in your portfolio.


Transparent fees

We don’t believe in expensive and complicated management fees that eat into your returns and can leave you feeling out of control. You’ll love Moneyfarm’s simple and low-cost fee structure, that allows you to keep more of your money and achieve your financial goals more quickly.

We’re here for you

Whether you need help, reassurance, or just a good old-fashioned conversation, our investment consultants are here to talk you through every part of your investment journey.

You’ll love our investment consultants, who are here to talk you through your portfolio performance, in the way that’s right for you.

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A simple way to grow your money


10 minutes to set-up, then sit back and relax. Once you’ve reached your goals, get your money back in five working days.

Managed for you

Our regulated investment advice, world-class tech and discretionary management gives you quality investment advice in seconds.


We keep our fees simple, so you keep more of your money. You’ll reach your goals quicker — which keeps us both happy.

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