Open a Junior ISA

Give your child a head start by saving up to £9,000 a year on their behalf. Sustainable investment options are available.

With investing, your capital is at risk.

What is a Junior ISA?

Tax efficient

A Junior ISA is an effective way to save up to £9,000 per year for your child, with any returns protected from both capital gains tax and income tax.

Secured future

The money in a Junior ISA can only be accessed by the beneficiary, once they turn 18. This prevents them from accessing the funds early, giving the investments the best chance to grow.

A head start

On their 18th birthday, your child becomes entitled to the pot. This could help them buy their first house, buy a car, start a business or anything else to make their dreams a reality.


Our Stocks & Shares JISAs are drawn from the same options as our regular portfolios. Click here to see more about our performance.

Transfer to a Stock & Shares JISA

Transfer to a Stock & Shares JISA

Choosing a Stocks & Shares JISA gives your child’s money the opportunity to grow significantly over time.

A JISA also offers greater transparency over your investments when compared to a Child Trust Fund. Our dashboard allows you to check performance at any time and see a full portfolio breakdown.

It’s easy to transfer to a Moneyfarm JISA. Simply set up an account, tell us where the money is currently housed and we’ll sort out the rest with your provider(s).

Transfer a JISA

How does a Junior ISA work?

The JISA is controlled by the parent or guardian who sets up the account.

To open a JISA for your child they must be under 18 and living in the UK.

The money in the account can only be withdrawn by your child once they turn 18.

At 18, their JISA will turn into a regular ISA which they have full control over. 

Seven tiers. One simple fee.

As your money grows we’ll lower the percentage of your fees. 

Below £100k

FROM £500


FROM £10k


FROM £20k


FROM £50k


Above £100k

FROM £100k


FROM £250k


ABOVE £500k


If you invest £70,000 with us in an actively managed portfolio, you would pay fees of 0.60% on the whole £70,000

Annual average investment fund fee: 0.2%

Annual average effect of market spread : 0.10%

Annual average investment fund fee : 0.2%

Annual average effect of market spread : 0.10%

Learn more about our fees

Why choose the Moneyfarm Junior ISA?

We’ve been growing our 80,000+ investors’ portfolios for almost 10 years.

You get a choice of 7 risk levels to choose the best option for your child’s account.

You’ll have a dedicated consultant to answer any questions you have about your JISA. They’ll also guide you on how to help your child get the best head start in life.

We have a fantastic track record - see our performance.

All our portfolios can be made socially responsible with our ESG offering, backed by MSCI data.

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