Pride in performance

We take pride in the portfolios our team have built, and pride in the performance they’ve achieved.

Past portfolio performance

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Your capital is at risk. Investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested. Read more on understanding the risks

Investment portfolios for every profile

Different people have different attitudes to risk, different levels of financial understanding, and different goals. That’s something we put at the heart of our investment strategy at Moneyfarm.

We have 12 investment portfolios at Moneyfarm. These are split 1-6 in terms of approach to risk, and then by investment amount. If you have a portfolio smaller than £50,000 your Moneyfarm portfolio will be made up of seven exchange traded funds (ETFs), and if your portfolio is over £50,000 it will contain 14 ETFs.

How you’re matched with a portfolio

When you sign up with Moneyfarm you’ll answer a series of questions. These range from your wealth, to your financial understanding, to your attitude to risk. Based on this you’ll receive an investor profile.

Each of our portfolios is risk-adjusted for a certain Investor Profile, or risk attitude. The portfolio you receive is based on your investor profile, and also on the time horizon of your investment. If you tell us you only want to invest for a year we’ll ensure you have a portfolio that prioritises capital protection over growth. Whilst if your time horizon is longer you’ll have a portfolio more closely correlated to your Investor Profile.

How different assets can drive performance

At Moneyfarm we use an asset allocation strategy to drive performance. That means your portfolio will always contain a mix of investments to help smooth out investment returns. This is based on Nobel prize winning economic theory known as model portfolio theory.

The asset allocation of your portfolio will always attempt to balance risk and reward by adjusting the proportion for each asset in a portfolio. At Moneyfarm our portfolios do this based on the profile of our investors.

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