Investment advice for a better tomorrow

Guidance from experienced professionals backed by ongoing digital investment advice so you can feel confident about your investments.

Get a return on life

Smart decisions you can count on

Decisions about your money now and in the years ahead will affect your lifestyle, when you reach your goals and what you get out of investing. Get free access to our personal investment advisers.

Monitored to keep you on track

Whether you’re new to investing or you’re experienced but short on time, our digital investment advice keeps your portfolio ideally suited to you, even if your circumstances change.

Expert opinions on your plans

We’ll assess all your existing investments, taking into account performance, cost, quality and appropriateness. We’ll also walk you through retirement planning and your drawdown options.

Digital Investment Advice

Investment advice that’s always switched on

Goals front and centre

This kicks in from day one, delivering your personal investment plan and recommending actively managed portfolios matched to your goals, circumstances and attitude to risk.

Adapting to life’s changes

It stays with you, monitoring, refining and adapting your portfolio to fit any changes to your goals or circumstances. We call this ongoing suitability.

Access anytime, anywhere

The Moneyfarm Advice Centre, online or via the app, allows you to check your investment plan and update this by telling us about any important changes in your life.

Understanding your needs

When you first sign up with Moneyfarm you’ll complete a short questionnaire – it’s a key part of getting your investment recommendations right. Here’s what we’ll cover.

How comfortable you feel with risk

Your personal views on investing, timeframe and how you feel about risk are important factors in constructing your portfolio to make sure it’s suitable for you.

Your experience with investing

It’s important for us to understand your experience with finance and investing, to help us tailor our service to what you need, so knowing where you’re starting from is key.

Your capacity for loss

We’ll also look at how much market volatility you can handle without changing your lifestyle and how much you’re investing compared to your overall financial situation.

The right choice of product

These steps apply to all our products. Our pension takes your target retirement date into consideration, so we can adjust the makeup of your portfolio as you get closer to that date.

Personal investment adviser

For the bigger questions, major life decisions or the times you’d just prefer to speak to someone

Live and responsive

Discuss market events and get quick answers to questions about your portfolio and performance. Call, email, chat online or meet face to face, it’s up to you.

In-depth guidance

Understand your product options so you feel confident choosing what’s right for your lifestyle and goals. Discuss your recommendations and get help refining your investment plan.

Planning your next steps

Get clarity with a full review of all your external investments and help thinking about your next steps – retirement planning, drawdown support, and pension consolidation.

The easy steps to expert investment advice

Your personalised investment plan is just the start

1. We get to know you

Who you are as an investor informs everything we do. Our questionnaire will establish your investor profile – your goals, thoughts on risk, what you want to achieve and when.

2. We set out your plan and portfolio

Digital investment advice creates your investment plan and recommends a portfolio based on your investor profile, time-frame and product choice. You can refine these with your investment adviser.

3. We help you consolidate

Transferring existing ISAs and pensions from other providers makes it easier to keep track of your investments and lowers your effective fee rate. It’s easy and we’ll handle the process for free.

4. We keep you on track

Digital investment advice keeps your investments on track, adapting to any changes in your circumstances or goals. Your investment adviser can answer questions about your portfolio and help you evaluate your investments and plan for the future.

Thinking about the future with you Coming soon

Your investment adviser can help you plan ahead and think about your next steps.

Portfolio review

Review all your investments, including those outside Moneyfarm, with a deep dive on cost, performance, overall exposure and quality.

Retirement planning

Understand your likely retirement income, looking at performance, contributions and planning around your retirement date.

Drawdown support

Get to grips with types of drawdown, how they can work for you, any tax implications and how Moneyfarm can help.

We’re on hand throughout

We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.
You can discuss the results with your adviser and we’ll re-evaluate your recommendations as your circumstances change.

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Invest in the right way from day one

Services that fit your lifestyle and are designed to help you stay tax-efficient, so you get the most from your money.

Stocks & Shares ISA

Enjoy tax-free returns with flexible access to your money. Withdraw and reinvest in the same year without it counting towards your yearly ISA allowance.
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Private Pension

Invest for retirement and pay less tax today. Receive an instant 25% government boost – subject to tax status, consolidate your existing pensions, and grow your pot with employer contributions..
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General Investment Account

Make unlimited contributions, enjoy quick access to your money, and even open a separate account for each goal. Perfect for when you’ve filled your ISA allowance.
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Pension Drawdown

Enjoy free, flexible and tax-efficient access to your pension savings in retirement. Withdraw as much as you need, when you need it, leaving the rest invested to grow.
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