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It starts with you, your goals and how you want to reach them. Next you’re perfectly matched with an actively managed portfolio – so you’re always investing the right way for you.

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1. Create your investor profile

Investing the right way means understanding what’s right for you. Our smart technology lets you do this in a snap. Just answer some simple questions about you, your goals and attitude to investing and see your investor profile instantly. 

If your goals change (or anything else) your profile can be adjusted online, in-app or by talking with your own dedicated investment consultant, so you know  you’re always investing the right way.

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2. Get matched with a portfolio

Choose a product (eg an ISA) and your investor profile is matched to one of seven globally diversified good-to-go portfolios. Each portfolio contains a broad handpicked mix of cost-efficient ETFs, all chosen to meet our high standards of quality and reliability.

You’ll see a recommended portfolio perfectly matched to you along with two more options, so you can decide if you want a little more or less exposure to volatility – and optimise your potential for growth. Now, your portfolio’s ready to perform and you’re ready to invest.

3. Relax with active management

Once your portfolio is funded, your money’s put to work with continual market analysis, daily asset trading and performance tracking. Our expert team is hands-on and manages the whole investment process for you – so you don’t have to.

Alongside the day-to-day, directed by Chief Investment Officer Richard Flax, our investment committee makes strategic adjustments and regularly rebalances your portfolio. You capitalise on market opportunities – and your exposure to volatility stays within your comfort zone.

4. Know you’ve got a dedicated consultant

We know you want to reach your investment goals and enjoy getting there, too - comfortably and confidently. To make sure you do, your portfolio comes with a Moneyfarm investment consultant – dedicated to you.

Reach out by phone, in-app or web chat. Get support on your investment journey and ask questions, whether it’s about your portfolio, the wider market, or building out your investment plan.

5. Pay one simple fee

One monthly fee covers all your running costs including the costs of the investment funds in your portfolio and your annual trading costs. Plus, as your wealth grows you enjoy lower fees each time you reach a Moneyfarm investment milestone. Invest more. Save more.

Annual % fee
Monthly cost
Costs and charges associated with the provision of investment services
Moneyfarm Management fee:
Costs and charges related to financial instruments
Underlying fund fee:
Market spread:
up to 0.09%
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