Transferring to Moneyfarm

Here’s everything you need to know about your account transfer to Moneyfarm and what it means for your ongoing investment journey. Not found what you were looking for? Get in touch.

With investing, your capital at risk.


Moneyfarm is authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Find Out More.


Moneyfarm boasts Allianz among its main investors. Your investments and capital remain separate from ours and are always protected by Saxo Bank.

We’ll take care of your transfer from start to finish

 The process of transferring your account from Wealthsimple to Moneyfarm has been designed to be smooth and seamless from start to finish.  You won’t need to do anything as we’ll take care of everything for you. Here’s what will happen next:

A new account is created for you

Step 1  - We will create your Moneyfarm account for you keeping the details you currently have for your Wealthsimple account (you will be able to update these yourself later if you wish). For example, your current investor profile and associated risk level will be maintained, and you’ll own the same type of portfolio you now hold with Wealthsimple (including the type of wrapper). 

Your investments are transferred 

Step 2 -  Wealthsimple will then liquidate all of your assets on the 19th of January, allowing the trades to settle into the end of the week. Then on the 28th, the money will be transferred to Moneyfarm  and will be traded into your portfolio on the 31st of January.

You gain access to your personal dashboard

Step 3 - The first time that you log into your Moneyfarm account, you will have the chance to retake our risk assessment questionnaire and make any  adjustments you wish to your new portfolio. At any point during this process you  will also have the chance to get in touch with one of our investment consultants, who will be available to help you throughout the process. You will also be asked to state your marketing preferences.

Same costs - or lower

We’ll maintain the same management fees you're paying at Wealthsimple for the first 12 months, or what Moneyfarm charges for an account your size, whichever is lower. 

Investment sizeWealthsimple management feeMoneyfarm management fee
£20,000£140 (0.7%)£136 (0.68%)
£80,000£540 (0.7%)£464 (0.58%)
£200,000£1,000 (0.5%)£920 (0.46%)
£500,000£2,500 (0.5%)£1,950 (0.39%)

All prices include VAT. Arrange a call to discuss your specific fees

Annual average investment fund fee: 0.2%

Annual average effect of market spread : 0.10%

More about our fees

What's included

Portfolio Management

Constant market analysis and strategic adjustments - directed by Chief Investment Officer, Richard Flax

Investment Consultant

Always available for discussions covering everything from market events to building out your financial plan.

All trading and deposit costs

Moneyfarm pays for all trading and custody fees on behalf of a client, so when we rebalance, or you add or remove money, no added fees are incurred

Find the right product for you

Pick from our range of products to match your investment goals.

Stocks & Shares ISA

The perfect choice to early in your investment journey, with £20,000 tax free allowance each year and penalty-free access.

Learn more about ISAs

Private Pension (SIPP)

Planning further ahead? Our pension gives you a tax free retirement investment, with relief on your contributions too.

Learn about pensions

General Investment Account

If it’s time to look for wealth diversification, unlimited and accessible, this is the perfect account for your needs.

Learn about GIAs

Investing with a positive impact

All our products are now available as Socially Responsible portfolios, so that you can put your money to work for good.


Support innovative businesses and let your money drive the changes that you’d like to see in the world.


Make an impact without sacrificing performance. We match you with a Socially Responsible portfolio that is diversified and aligned with your appetite for risk.

Data driven

Be confident that your portfolio is making an impact. Using data from MSCI, we constantly assess and monitor the funds in your portfolio to make sure they meet the strictest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

Find out more

See how we perform

Invest with confidence with one of our 7 available portfolios (both classic and ESG available), all matched to your investment goals and appetite for risk. Our team of experts actively manages your investments so you can be sure you’ve always got the perfect mix of hard-working assets, handpicked from around the world. 

Your Wealthsimple risk levelYour Moneyfarm risk level
1 - 33
5 - 65
8 - 107

Find your equivalent portfolio

Your Wealthsimple risk levelYour Moneyfarm risk level
1 - 33
5 - 65
8 - 97

What our investment strategy is all about

Evidence-based decisions

Every decision we make is based on data and research, driven by quantitative techniques and qualitative judgment overseen by our investment committee.

Anticipating the future

Our strategic asset allocation team look 10 years ahead at the expected returns and volatility of every asset type and how they might react to economic and political developments.

Long term meets short term

The investment committee’s tactical asset allocation strategy focuses on balancing our long-term view with a shorter, one-year perspective. Proprietary quantitative models make the most of short-term market opportunities as they arise.

Active management for your portfolio

Portfolio managers monitor the markets every day to make sure your investments are working hard, reinvesting the dividends paid out by assets in your portfolio.

Schedule a call with one of our consultants


If you have any questions for the Moneyfarm team regarding the migration, you can also email us or you can go the chat function on our website.

How we keep your money safe

We're regulated by the FCA

Moneyfarm is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to manage and safeguard your money on your behalf.

We’re covered by the FSCS

Your investments, up to £85,000, are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

We keep your money separate from our own

Saxo Capital Markets Limited is Moneyfarm’s custodian which holds assets on behalf of clients so that their money is always protected.

We perform regular checks

We ask you to nominate a bank account when you sign up. We’ll use the information you provide to check where that money has arrived from.

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