Transfer your old pensions

See all of your pensions grow in one simple pot and get the peace of mind you deserve. Whether you have had more than one job, you're self employed or just want a better provider, transferring your pension can give you the transparency you need to know your retirement is sorted.

With investing, your capital is at risk. Pension rules apply.

Get the retirement you deserve

If you’ve had more than one job, you may have different pension pots sitting around. Add all your old pots into one and start enjoying the benefits of pension consolidation, today.

Growth all in one place

Monitor your returns the simple way by bringing your pensions together. You’ll be able to track your pension performance whenever you want, in-app or online.

Actively managed

Leave the hard work to our experts. Our team monitor and rebalance your portfolio to make sure you don’t miss important market opportunities – whilst always keeping your pension in line with your needs.

Low cost
Tweaked on time

Let us take care of you

Your retirement should be about what you enjoy, not about managing your finances – that’s what your dedicated consultant takes care of.

Your consultant can guide you through your retirement planning, answer your questions or just be someone to chat with whenever you need peace of mind.

You can connect with your dedicated consultant via chat, e-mail or by booking a free call.

Enjoy instant and personalised guidance whenever you want.

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Setting up a transfer with Moneyfarm

Open a Moneyfarm SIPP portfolio

Sign up online and create your Moneyfarm pension portfolio in just a few minutes. Answer a few simple questions about your financial background, attitude to investing and your retirement plans – and discover the portfolio that’s best for you.

Tell us about your old pensions

You’ll need:
The name of your current pension provider(s)
Your account or reference number
The estimated value of your pension

We take care of everything

Once we’ve got the information we need, we take care of the whole transfer process for you. We’ll get in touch with your old pension providers and make sure your current funds are transferred to your new Moneyfarm pension.

One pot. One low fee.

Pay one simple fee for all of your retirement, based on how much your consolidated pension is worth.

Free transfers
Free drawdown
Free contributions

What you’ll pay

If you invest

Annual % fee
Monthly cost
Costs and charges associated with the provision of investment services
Moneyfarm Management fee:
Costs and charges related to financial instruments
Underlying fund fee:
Market spread:
up to 0.09%

Your fee (incl. VAT) is billed monthly and calculated daily based on the total portfolio value of all your Moneyfarm products.

Let us guide you

Whether you’re still considering transferring your old pension, have any questions about the transfer process, or simply want to learn more about Moneyfarm, our team of Investment Consultants is here to help. 

You can easily select a convenient time for you and they’ll call you back for a chat. 


Frequently asked questions about pensions

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