Security is serious business

We do everything we can to keep your capital and data safe.

How we keep your money safe

We’re regulated

Moneyfarm is authorised by the FCA to manage and safeguard your money on your behalf.

We’re covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

Your investments, up to £50,000, are covered by the UK deposit guarantee scheme.

We keep your money seperate from our own

Your money is always sent to our segregated client money account, with a reference unique to you.

We check that this money has arrived from your nominated bank account

We ask you to nominate a bank account when you sign up. We’ll use the information you provide to check where that money has arrived from.

We send your money to a custodian bank

This is where your money is stored and where we trade on your behalf. Every trade we make for you carries your unique reference.

Who is responsible for keeping your money secure?

It’s the responsibility of our Operations team to ensure the investment process runs smoothly for our investors across three main areas: onboarding, cash management, and reporting and billing.

Security features

At Moneyfarm security features exist throughout the product, some are visible, like the passcode and fingerprint recognition on our app, and some are embedded into our processes.

As a regulated financial services provider we have to show that we know our customers, which is why when you sign up we’ll check your identity, and that of your bank account. But don’t worry, this isn’t a credit check. Your nominated bank account also acts as a second form of security, any withdrawal requests can only be sent to that bank account.

When we work with other banks, as part of the process of managing your money, we’ll never share your personal details. Your unique reference code corresponds to your account and this is enough for the custodian bank to carry out their role.

We also provide the strongest browser encryption available and hold your data in a secure way. For more information on how we use and protect the information you share with us, please read our Privacy Policy.