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How much do you pay your money manager?

Finacial Times


MoneyFarm announced in February that it would waive all fees on Isa investments under £10,000 and over £1m, pushing robo-advice fees to a new low for some investors.


Investors Chronicle


If you’re thinking of using of the new ISA flexibility, make sure your broker or platform offers it as a number of providers aren’t making use of the new rules.

Are We About To Witness A Banking Revolution For Women?



A recent study found that 83% of women would like to become more engaged with their finances, but 8/10 are uncomfortable discussing it with even their close friends and family.

More than 11MILLION Brits need financial help following Brexit vote

Sunday Mirror


A new survey by MoneyFarm found 11 million are now seeking advice on financial products – and four in five worry advisers are acting dishonestly.

Fos sees surge in Isa complaints

FT Adviser


Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service about investment Isas shot up by 44 per cent in the space of a year, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

Complaints against Isa providers ignoring client risk tolerance rises 67%

Fund Strategy


Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) regarding Isa providers ignoring the risk preferences of their customers increased 67 per cent in 2015.

Italian robo-adviser gives update on UK plans

FT Adviser


The founder and chairman of MoneyFarm has said his experience of setting up the platform disproved some of his assumptions about the people who use robo-advice.

MoneyFarm popup gives human flavor to robo-advice.

Verdict financial


In the latest in a series of robo-related news, MoneyFarm is letting customers get to grips with its online investing services in physical form via its popup shop.

Fee focus threatens investment advice: Moneyfarm

FT Adviser


The vast majority of savers think investment advisers care more about fees than performance, meaning many turn their back on advice as a result, according to new research.

Robo-advisor MoneyFarm tries an interesting strategy to attract new customers

Business Insider


Robo-advisor MoneyFarm has taken an unusual approach, but it could prove rather effective in the long run.

Robots on the high street: MoneyFarm opens pop-up shop



Digital investment advisory firm MoneyFarm is looking to bridge the gap between the impersonal world of the robo-advisor and the confidence-building connection achieved via a human intermediary by opening its first pop-up shop in Milan.

Savers put off investing by high cost

Professional Adviser


A third of savers decide against investing because of the perceived high costs involved, research from a UK-based robo-adviser has claimed.

High fees that take a chunk out of profits put off a third of savers from investing in funds, survey finds

This is Money


Many savers are put off investing either because of the high costs involved or because they find it too complex, new research suggests.

A third of Britons said they did not move their money from low paying accounts into higher return investments, like equity funds, as the fees charged are too high.

UK gives the thumbs-up to robo-advice

Financial News


Robo-advisers were given a thumbs-up by UK regulator the Financial Conduct Authority in March 2016, opening up a potentially large market for European ETF providers. Barriers remain, though, before fund sponsors can be sure to see significant inflows.

MoneyFarm launches UK wealth management app

EU Bankers


MoneyFarm has launched its app out of initial beta with version 1.4, making it the UK’s first ever digital wealth management service available on iOS for investors of sums from as little as £1.