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Robo-adviser Moneyfarm expects profitability by 2019

Wealth Manager


European robo-adviser Moneyfarm expects to become profitable by 2019 as it looks to bring to market new products in the coming months.

People have invested £260 million with robo-advisor Moneyfarm

Business Insider


Robo-advisor Moneyfarm has attracted over 10,000 customers in the UK since launching last year and is now one of Europe’s biggest independent digital wealth managers.

Moneyfarm aims for profitability by 2019

Finacial Times


Moneyfarm, Europe’s second-largest robo-adviser with more than 10,000 customers in the UK, said it aims to become profitable by 2019, despite posting a loss of £6.4m for 2016.

Business Shapers: Paolo Galvani

Jazz FM


Moneyfarm co-founder and chairman Paolo Galvani spoke to Jazz Shapers’ Elliot Moss about his Moneyfarm journey. Catch up now.

Savers losing £1.5bn a year to inflation by keeping long-term pots stashed in cash - how to invest to avoid it happening to you

This is Money


Britons are sitting on some £60billion in cash savings earmarked for the long-term but this is declining in real value at a rate of £1.5billion per year by not being invested, according to new research.

Robo-rivals: the online firms working with and against advisers

New Model Adviser


Moneyfarm wants to be at the centre of a customer’s wealth management needs across the board, from investments to pensions.

How to find the best robo-adviser to invest with - and do they really offer financial advice?

This is Money


In the world of finance, the robo-adviser is widely considered to be good news for those who have felt priced out of traditional investment advice – or who want to tap into new technology to invest.

Would you pay £150 per hour for financial advice?

The Telegraph


The majority of even the wealthiest investors think financial advice is too expensive, according to a poll of people with at least £150,000 to invest.

Robo-adviser Moneyfarm to launch Sipp by end of the year

New Model Adviser


Digital advice firm Moneyfarm is developing plans to unveil its own Sipp in the third quarter of this year.

Lack of confidence leaves Brits reluctant to invest



Only 10% of people say they would invest if they were given £1,000 tomorrow, new research shows.

Netwealth benefits from rise in UK and international equities

Finacial Times


Wealth manager says customers are unhappy with the industry’s high fees.

Interview with Richard Flax CIO of Robo Investor Moneyfarm



Money Farm’s aim is to provide Asset Allocation based investment at low fees

Change your finances with the best money apps

The Times


Tech companies are coming up with new ways to put financial control at your fingertips.

Robo review: Moneyfarm performs well but advice is lacking

New Model Adviser


New Model Adviser® is trying out robo-advice! Here’s how news editor Charles Walmsley got on with Moneyfarm.

Our guide to the best investment platforms for beginners



So you’ve decided to invest? Before you dive in and start picking funds, you need to choose your investment platform. This may seem like a minor decision, but making the wrong choice could cost you hundreds of pounds a year in fees.