Make an impact with a green investment portfolio

Invest in the world you want with a green portfolio. Use your wealth to support change and find new opportunities for growth and diversification, too.

Own a portfolio that thinks long-term, just like you

Put your money behind forward-thinking initiatives and support the change that’s happening more and more – like where companies are switching to renewable energy or hiring diverse minds at board level.

Addressing today’s challenges with a green portfolio that prioritises environmental, social and corporate governance factors – ESG – is the most powerful action you can take.

As government and industry regulation picks up pace, more and more of us are taking our first steps on this new journey – a journey where we all need to start thinking long-term.

Know your impact

Moneyfarm green portfolios are designed using funds invested in some of the most forward-thinking and impactful companies in the world – along with many others working hard to improve. MSCI data helps us check ESG funds containing thousands of different assets, so we’re confident in our selection process and you can be too.

Here’s how our mid-range ESG portfolio measures up.

Average carbon

Relative to revenues and compared to companies in a non-ESG portfolio

United Nations
Global Compact

Covers climate, working conditions, diversity, corruption and more


Includes prohibition of child labour, unfair discrimination, forced labour and more

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Additional references

United Nations Global Compact

International Labour Organisation

Aim for the same returns

In fact, simulated performance shows that from 2013 to 2021* investing in our most adventurous portfolio would’ve earned you up to 5% more than a regular non-ESG portfolio.

Stay diversified

With a fully diversified ESG investment, the same modelling shows you would’ve experienced similar market ups and downs to a portfolio with regular diversification*

*Moneyfarm backtest comparing our current ESG portfolios against their non ESG equivalent simulations and not our own regular mid-range portfolio due to its composition changing over the modelling period. Performance gains across our full range of portfolio risk levels were between 0% – 5%. Capital at risk. Simulated past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Make a difference with confidence

Know you’re fully diversified
Diversify and stay resilient to a changing world. Choose a green portfolio built using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Aim for sustainable growth
Watch your green portfolio perform like its non-ESG equivalent, whatever the time horizon*

Keep it research-driven
Your sustainable long-term returns are protected as we work alongside MSCI, a global leader in ESG research.

*Moneyfarm backtest modelling compared our current mid-range (P4) ESG portfolio against a non-ESG industry equivalent and not our own regular mid-range portfolio due to its composition changing over the modelling period. Capital at risk. Simulated past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Carefully designed, monitored and matched

Moneyfarm ESG portfolios are designed using exchange traded funds (ETFs) with an emphasis on environmental impact. Funds are selected and monitored using a standard set of MSCI metrics including: companies’ voting policies, involvement in social controversies and, future exposure to ESG-related risks.

Where we need more information on a fund’s suitability, direct communication with ETF issuers gives us additional detail and ad-hoc insight.

A base range of metrics used for all Moneyfarm portfolios ensures your green portfolio is also fully diversified and high performing – and all matched to your attitude to investing and investment goals so you’re sure it’s right for you.

Active on your behalf

Get extra peace of mind with Moneyfarm’s 5 point ESG Engagement Layer. Sitting on top of MSCI’s standard metrics, our engagement layer is a framework that enables us to prioritise funds where asset managers show the highest level of involvement with fund issuers and their organisations. Involvement may include voting to drive positive change within an organisation or monitoring of outcomes.

Measuring asset manager engagement helps us dig deeper to assess your porfolio’s effectiveness. Where all metrics are equal we’ll choose the fund where we see the highest level of engagement.

More about ESG Portfolio creation

Clear about fees

Focus on your values and forget about costs. One low monthly management fee covers continual ESG screening, active management of your portfolio and your own dedicated investment consultant, too.

Invest in your world view With A TiERED FEE BETWEEN
0.35% – 0.75%

Annual average investment fund fee: 0.21%

Annual average effect of market spread: 0.10%

Learn more about fees

Your fee (incl. VAT) is billed monthly and calculated daily based on the total portfolio value of all your Moneyfarm products.

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