It starts with you

Your goals, financial knowledge and attitude to risk. Then together with the right mix of assets, human expertise and technology, we get you there, faster.

Guiding your investment journey since 2011

Finding the right path for your investment journey has been at the core of our strategy since we began a decade ago. And while the markets are constantly changing, there’s a constant – our expert team, equipped with quantitative and qualititave techniques (and some tools) remain committed to helping you make better investment decisions.

The portfolio process

Building and managing your portfolio is at the heart of our strategy. Your portfolio is a broad universe of liquid investments – global equities, corporate bonds and commodities. In short, it’s globally diversified, designed around you, and the main vehicle to help you get where you need to be.

You’re diversified – the safest you can be

Maximise returns in line with your attitude to risk

To target the highest possible returns consistent with your risk level, we use optimisation algorithms to help us choose the best combinations of different asset types, regions and currencies – all stress tested for your reassurance.

Get the right balance

Typically, the higher the risk level, the more your portfolio will be invested in stocks and shares, while further down the risk scale, the balance will shift more towards bonds.

Protect your portfolio from ups and downs

For an additional level of diversification, we carefully select high-quality Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – to help protect your portfolio from the ups and downs that individual stocks go through.

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ETFs for your portfolio

ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds are funds that track the performance of an index or pool of investments and are listed on the stock exchange. They’re what we use to build your portfolio.

To help you meet your long-term investment goals, we build your portfolio with the optimal blend of ETFs for your objectives. The ETFs we use are low-cost, high quality, naturally diversified, and an integral part of our strategy.

The advantages:

  • Full transparency of assets that make up a fund – we know exactly what you’re getting
  • Low management fees and low minimum investment levels
  • Daily trading for quick and easy changes to your portfolio when the stock exchange is open

Investing that works

Evidence-based decisions

Every decision we make is based on data and research, driven by quantitative techniques and qualitative judgment overseen by our investment committee.

Anticipating the future

Our strategic asset allocation team look 10 years ahead at the expected returns and volatility of every asset type and how they might react to economic and political developments.

Long term meets short term

The investment committee’s tactical asset allocation strategy focuses on balancing our long-term view with a shorter, one-year perspective. Proprietary quantitative models make the most of short-term market opportunities as they arise.

Active management for your portfolio

Portfolio managers monitor the markets every day to make sure your investments are working hard, reinvesting the dividends paid out by assets in your portfolio.

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