Investing for life with the Moneyfarm Brexit ISA

No matter the changing times, Moneyfarm’s enduring investment strategy will likely make it your ISA choice year after year.

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Your capital is at risk. Investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested. Read more on understanding the risks

Why the Brexit ISA

It’s impossible to escape the uncertainty of Brexit, yet savvy investors are still looking to make the most of their tax-free ISA allowance. Ignore the short-term noise and invest for life with Moneyfarm’s expertly-managed and globally diversified ISA portfolios. Times change, good investment strategies don’t.

What you get with the Moneyfarm ISA

Global diversification

Moneyfarm’s carefully constructed portfolios are built to maximise growth and minimise risk from across the globe, in line with your investor profile.

Expert guidance

Our investment experts carefully manage your portfolio to help your money grow, reflecting your investor profile and risk appetite .

Low cost

Good value is built into Moneyfarm’s investment philosophy. Keep more of your money with Moneyfarm’s simple fee structure, and maximise your returns over the long-run.

Drip-feed your investments

Get the flexibility to invest in the right way for you. Set up a monthly direct debit with as little as £100 a month for a hassle-free way of maximising your annual allowance.

Investing for life: Changing times, unchanging investment philosophy

Getting started is simple

1. Match with your investor profile

Sign-up and discover your investor profile in a matter of minutes. Our investment advice means you can be confident you’re in the best position to reach your goals.

2. Discover the right portfolio

We’ll find the right ISA portfolio to help you reach your goals, built and managed by our experts to be globally diversified and good value.

3. Add money and start investing

Adding money to your account is simple. Complete an online transfer (the safest option against the tax-year deadline), set-up a direct debit for hassle-free investing, and transfer your old ISAs. Make sure you know the key payment deadlines before you invest your money.

Our investment advisers are on-hand to answer any questions you might have, just give them a call on 0800 433 4574.

Investing for life

An ISA we all can get behind: We’re confident Moneyfarm’s enduring investment strategy will make it your ISA choice year after year.